Friday, May 16, 2014

The Spectre - DC Comics

The Spectre was created by Jerry Siegel of Superman fame. Archive Editions: The Golden Age Spectre contains the first 19 appearances of The Spectre from '40 and '41.

DC has just released some classic reprints of  The Spectre in its Showcase Presents series. B&W reprints include the '66 comeback issue and includes books up until '83. I never really knew much about The Spectre until I read this GN and I find The Spectre to be a really interesting character.
There was still 1 copy left when I bought this GN from Barnes and Noble books.

Above, the first appearance of The Spectre.
Below, Classic DC checkerboard Showcase featuring The Spectre!

Here's the 1st edition of a new Spectre series DC launched in '87 featuring Gene Colan artwork.

A couple of more recent Spectre issues including a Glow In The Dark cover.

Thank You Dave.

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