Saturday, April 5, 2014

Justice League of America, DC Comics, The Line Of DC Super-Stars, JLA

Above, a retro-cool cover I found online and wanted to post because it reminded me of Jimi Hendrix.
Update 11/27/12: Below a 25 cent issue from Queen City Bookstore

Here's  a couple of newerJLA issues from '99. New but still great, how can you go wrong with Shazam vs. Superman?...

Above is a cool, retro '70's Neal Adams cover I found online.
Below: Here's some DC Checkerboard reader issues I picked up at Queen City Bookstore.
What A Rematch!
The Royal Flush Gang! vs. The Justice League!

To Touch Anti - Matter Man Was To Risk Instant Destruction!
The Most Amazing, Death - Defying Battle Ever Fought!

"Don't Touch Us -- Or You Too Will Be Doomed To A King - Size Death!
"Plague That Struck The Justice League!"

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