Friday, June 27, 2014

Superman, Action Comics, Superman DC National Comics

Above is one of the latest Wendy's Kid's Meal prizes. A #1 Superman and Wonder Woman comic book. This comic comes sealed when the kid's meal is served. This free comic is sure to become a collector's item down the road. I'll be going to Wendy's soon to get me a new sealed copy to keep for my collection.

The one that started the Superman/Superhero craze way back in '38. One of the most valuable comic books of all time.

Classic '63 Action Comics cover. Thank You Dan!

5/66 reader issue from Queen City Bookstore.

Supergirl vs. Superman. 2/67 Reader issue from Queen City Bookstore.

Below is a '79 Action Comics issue from Dan the Man's private collection. Thanks Dan!

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