Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prince Namor, The Sub-Mariner, Marvel Comics, The Human Torch, Doctor Doom

The Avengers
Avengers - Yes!
Submariner - No!

2/67 Tales To Astonish reader issue featuring art by Bill Everett and Gil Kane.

This Namor reader issue is from 1969 and it features a classic battle between Namor and the original, android Human Torch. The battle was initiated by the Mad Thinker who brainwashed the Torch into doing his bidding. The battle ends without a winner. During the battle Namor damaged the brainwashing amulet the Torch was wearing around his neck keeping him under the Thinkers power. In the end the Torch turns out to be Toro, the Torchs golden age kid side-kick. At the very end Toro sacrifices his life to save Namor.

Sub-Mariner vs. Dr. Doom: Twilight Of The Hunted!

After opening this bagged near mint comic up I discovered it was from 1972 and the art inside was drawn by Gene Colan then I quickly bagged it back up and stored it away to preserve the quality.

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