Sunday, May 1, 2011

Wonder Woman

"Don't. Get. Up."

Wonder Woman: "The Hiketeia" is a cool graphic novel that takes it title from an ancient slave/master protection ritual based in Greek mythology, that promises death to the supplicator by the erinyes, or the furies, if they dont fulfill their vow to the supplicant. Breaking the rules of hiketeia demands the most savage of punishments. The erinyes carry out the punishment, they are a trio of ancient ghostlike women who relish in tearing the flesh off the bones of the supplicator if they fail in their vow to the supplicant. These women are ancient goddesses whose beautiful forms only appear to the supplicator in waiting, warning of the price to pay if the hiketeia vow is broken. A threat so strong that Wonder Woman kicks Batmans ass not once, but twice in her vow to protect the supplicant. I won't ruin the ending for you but this GN is a compelling, gripping read. How can you resist a front cover like that?...

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