Monday, April 23, 2012

A visit to Queen City Bookstore #1

DC Comics The New 52! promo card.

1968 issue when Gwen Stacy was still alive...

1973 reader issue reprinting a 1966 Thor issue inside. Jack Kirby art.

Free Avengers comic available now at Queen City Bookstore.

Yes, even hot, married TV sitcom stars dig comic books. Here's Megan Mullaly from the TV shows Will & Grace and Breaking In reading a classic Love, Love, Love comic. I ripped this pic out of a magazine from the doctor's office the same day I picked up all the comics in this blogpiece.

Queen City biz card...

Checkerboard Superboy reader issue from 12/66.

yet another Superboy checkerboard from 7/66.

"Super" collectible Captain America and Iron Man 2 napkins, Thanks Emil!

Night Of The Owls Batman promo card.

1969 Namor vs. The Human Torch issue!

1974 The Tomb Of Dracula reader issue.

All the comics in this blog piece were purchased from Queen City Bookstore.

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