Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vampirella, Vampirella Strikes, Harris Comics, Vampirella vs. Dracula, Dynamite Comics, Vengeance Of Vampirella, Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion

Vampirella Mag #2 from Harris Comics, featuring a photo shoot and an interview with Paul Stanley from KISS, bought from Queen City Bookstore.

Vampirella And The Scarlet Legion 2011 by Dynamite Comics from Halley's.

I think Vampirella comics are comics I should collecting, not only for my comix blog but for my own personal collection. Got this issue for $1 from Wurlitzer books. FYI: They have ALOT of comics to choose from.
A rather interesting and memorable quote from a local comic store owner "Vampirella, the best ass in comics." I would agree.

Vampirella Comics Mag #1 '03 from Harris Comics from Queen City. 

               Here's Vampirella vs. Dracula #3 from Dynamite Comics.

Vengeance Of Vampirella front and back covers '95 by Harris Comics.

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