Monday, July 23, 2012

Solomon Grundy, Justice Society Of America

Solomon Grundy's 1st appearance from 10/44.

Solomon Grundy vs. The Justice Society Of America
The Revenge Of Solomon Grundy!
1976 Super Team Family #4 cover.

Solomon Grundy is THE original big, strong, tireless, deadly villian in the comic world and one of my fave comic villians.
A zombie-like swamp creature, Solomon Grundy is a mindless brute hell-bent on killing Green Lantern in this 1946 Justice Society Of America issue that was reprinted in Super Team Family from 1976. Grundy battles the entire Justice Society to get to Green Lantern.
1946 Title page art by Irwin Hansen.

Solomon Grundy vs. Hawkman.
Art by Joe Kubert.

Solomon Grundy vs. Dr. Mid-Nite.
Art by Stan Asch.

Solomon Grundy vs. Johnny "Thunderbolt" Thunder.
Art by Irwin Hasen.

Solomon Grundy vs. The Atom.
Art by Chet Kozlak.

Here's the original All Star Comics #33 cover from 1946.

In the end justice prevails and Grundy is banished to the moon by Green Lantern at the end of this classic issue.

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