Sunday, September 30, 2012

Batman, The Court Of Owls, Birth Of The Demon, King Tut's Tomb, Cacophony, Dead To Rights


Batman is my fave Super Hero of all time. To me, Batman embodies all that Superman isn't and will never be, the darkness of the costume alone is the exact opposite of Supermans costume. Also, the fact that Batman doesn't have any real super powers, unlike Superman, makes him that much cooler than Superman. Batman has to rely on his brains and his brawn to get the job done.
Batman: The Court Of The Owls book is a great read! I prefer the original style, black bat, chest logo on these covers so much better than the yellow outlined bat costume logo, like these books have. I also prefer the look of the brown, canvas like utility belt. It's so much cooler than that bright yellow utility belt Batman used to wear. 
These books are available to the public from the Audubon library in Amherst.

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