Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Invincible Iron Man 147

 "Holocaust at High Noon!"
Iron Man knocks Blacklash out and sets out to save Stark International staff and visitors from the fire raging all about; he finds Yvette has taken charge of evacuating the children's tour, while Mrs. Arbogast is trying to save important files, unconcerned with an inferno around her; Iron Man bodily carries her outside. Blacklash revives and attacks Martinelli again, but the arrival of emergency workers forces Blacklash to withdraw. After Iron Man puts out the fires, Tony confronts Martinelli and learns his background. Blacklash makes a third attempt on Martinelli's life, but Iron Man intervenes again and this time defeats him. Iron Man brings Blacklash's unconscious body to the center city construction company and warns the frightened owners to leave Martinelli alone. 

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