Thursday, January 2, 2014

It Was The War Of The Trenches - Goddamn This War!

The 2013 follow up to It Was The War Of The Trenches, Goddamn This War! is just as jarring and realistic as the original. The mixed B&W/color format accentuates the horror and death of WWI. Since I read and enjoyed the original I immediately picked up and promptly read Goddamn This War! Goddamn This War! includes a year by year history, with photos, of the war as well. These books illustrate in graphic detail why I agree with the statement, War Is Hell.

"This Book Is An Essential Classic" basically says it all...this is a fantastic, hardcover, graphic novel about WWI. Excellent, realistic, and rather horrific, drawings and historic facts about WWI make this is a must read. Picked these books up at my local library.

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