Monday, March 6, 2017

Buffalo's newest and most bravest Super Space Hero, Comic Book Dude!

Comic Book Dude's latest and greatest appearance as Cap playing 8 string electric bass on Halloween. 
Thank you Cheryl.

Your newest and most favoritist hero of all times, your hero and my hero, the Comic Book Dude! The Comic Dude is here to save the day and save the day he will! 
"Down with drama! I am here to save the planet Earth and all of the hometown music! I will bring down the mundane redundancy and all of the evil musical mediocrity that all of the evil doers feed on for their very existence. Thank the almighty heavens for delivering me, The Comic Book Dude, to this god forsaken planet full of scum and villainy! For I, Comic Book Dude, am the lone savior of all the hometown music and I come from the powerful planet of Perfection. Follow me and you will not be allowed to be yourself. For I am not the real me around you so it's all fair and square in love and war...or was it the other way around? I'm so confused! but I will still continue to shout in heroic tones and timbres!...was it? you're not the real you around me in war and peace?...anyway..."
Can you figure out Mr. Comic Book Dude's secret identity, true believers!? Only a select few are allowed into the fortress of perfection!
"All of my loyal female followers will be asked to make out! Because let's face it folks, who can resist me? The Comic Book Dude! Please follow me for I was told that you would in a long, lost dream on a not so distant planet, in a far, far, away, lunar land! Thank you and have a nice day!"
signed Mr. Hero~

Special Limited Time Offer! Send a check or money order for $19.99 and 3 official, Mr. Comic Book Dude approved box top flyers Today! to P.O. Box Dudemen, Buffalo, NY 14567 To Get Your Very Own, Official, Mr. Comic PPC safety belt buckle delivered to your doorstep. The Comic Book Dude wears his PPC safety belt buckle on all of his spacey, freak-filled adventures in honor of his home planet, The Planet Of Perfection! Our hero's parents secured him into his alien spacecraft with his PPC safety belt buckle tightly secured for his long journey to Earth just moments before his home planet blew up! It was a blinding, firey flash of a white-hot heat and smoke! A super space explosion! 
Every order is delivered with a Special FREE Bonus Prize! A limited edition, collector's item, #1 issue, your very own Comic Book Dude vs. Space Ace comic book.
Below is the splash page from Space Ace's first appearance "Death In Deep Space!"

It's a first edition, full-color, glossy comic book featuring A Battle for the Ages! It's 100% Guaranteed to be an instant collector's item or maybe you will get your money back! Kiss your $19.99 goodbye! 
Look for a brand new, run of limited edition Space Ace coffins coming soon! Made of super stainless steel so you can be preserved for the ages! 
Guaranteed to be an instant hit because dead people don't care if they get their money back. 

SPECIAL PPC BELT BUCKLE OFFER! Only $19.99! GET YOURS TODAY! continue on, now for some real musical crime fighters.

The Aquabats

Ever since they formed in 1994, the Aquabats have been fueled by one objective and one objective alone: to combat the evil in the world with music; music that has branched out from ska and punk roots into synth-tinged territory. The super-hero themed outfit boasts a background that includes a timeline of adventures, battles with villainous adversaries, and six studio albums. You can bet that their theatrical live shows are the kind of events that have been heralded as jocular musical showdowns. For their performances, the band of costumed musicians employ pyrotechnics, choreographed fight scenes, pool toys, and fried chicken. You heard right. At one show, during their song “Magic Chicken” a man in a chicken suit joined them on stage and proceeded to hand out fried chicken to crowd members.
Save me a piece! How's that for musical crime fighting, true believers?!

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