Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thanos Rising Graphic Novel review

Thanos Rising Graphic Novel review

Thanos Rising tells the epic origin story of the Marvel Comics super-villain, Thanos the Destroyer. Thanos was born with a genetic mutation and immediately upon his birth his mother tries to kill him. A pacifist by nature, Thanos’ origin can be compared to the classic “good boy gone bad” story. After a fateful meeting with Mistress Death during his childhood Thanos is gently steered into the deadly direction that will shape his future by Mistress Death. Thanos’ thirst for killing is slowly pulled out of him by Mistress Death as he attempts to find higher intelligence by dissecting the lowly creatures of his native planet, Titan. Mistress Death encourages Thanos’ deadly behavior every step of the way, even rejecting his advances to further his “quest for knowledge.” In reality, Thanos is a serial killer who finds out that he enjoys bloodshed. After an attempt to change and leave his deadly past behind Thanos returns to his home planet of Titan. Once again Mistress Death encourages Thanos to kill in return for her undying love. After questioning his need for her love and his own sanity, Thanos the Destroyer leaves the barren planet alone and unsatisfied. The art and story of Thanos Rising are truly compelling and make for a fantastic read.

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