Thursday, February 12, 2015

Southern Bastards Graphic Novel review

Southern Bastards Graphic Novel review

Southern Bastards is a bastardized, violent version of the classic movie, Walking Tall. Walking Tall turned up to 11. The story is set in a small southern town in Craw County, Alabama. The town is run with an iron fist by local BBQ restauranteur and high school football coach, Euless Boss. Coach Boss calls all the shots in this hick town along with his gang of ragtag Runnin' Rebs football players. The Runnin' Rebs keep the peace through intimidation and the threat of violence. An familiar face returns to Craw County Alabama and on his first visit back into town Earl Tubb runs into a lifer named Dusty. Dusty has a pair of eyes that are as red as the sun, it's not demonstrated why this is so the reader is forced to draw their own conclusion as to why Dusty's eyes are beet red, which makes you wonder... Dusty has a beef with Coach Boss so Earl decides to be a stand up guy and help out his old friend Dusty with the problem. This is where the story takes on a new and violent turn. Earl tries to destroy his past by chopping down a old tree, instead he finds a new beginning that coincides with a supernatural message from beyond his father's grave. The colors are dark matching the grittiness of the story but the color palette turns red when tempers rise and the violence begins. Earl Tubb, the towns latest rebel rouser, goes head to head with Coach Boss in a violent battle with the entire town watching on. The final battle that ensues is very graphic and the story concludes with a bittersweet ending.  

Special Thanks goes out to Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice newspaper.

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