Thursday, April 30, 2015

Outcast: A Darkness Surrounds Him Graphic Novel Review

Outcast is Robert Kirkman’s followup to The Walking Dead, the popular comic book that was turned into a hit TV series. Kirkman admits that with Outcast, he wanted to create a series that “is way scarier” than The Walking Dead. Indeed, Outcast is filled with plenty of senses-shattering scares. The story begins as the insatiable hunger and unspeakable horror of demonic possession rears its ugly head. Kyle Barnes, the main character of Outcast, spends his time dealing with demons. Kyle is a loner who leads a desperate life as he seeks answers as to why demons have been haunting him his entire life. Several horrific flashbacks reveal that many members of his immediate family were all possessed. A priest, who recognizes Kyle’s supernatural power, calls on the anti-hero to help with the exorcism of a young boy. Paul Azaceta’s art is very dark and atmospheric, setting the stage for the subject matter. Kyle’s skill as an exorcist involves bloody violence as he literally beats the hell out of the demonically possessed to rid them of their inner evil. Even though Kyle has a record of being a violent offender, the local police force enlist Kyle’s help after a former policemen kills his wife and shows signs of possession. Every possessed person Kyle comes in contact with recognizes him and a plan to take Kyle out of the picture seems to be taking shape as the story progresses. You can’t argue with success, and Cinemax has decided to produce a TV series based on Outcast. If you’re asking yourself whether or not Outcast is that good, the answer is yes, it is. Fans of The Exorcist will love Outcast.

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