Saturday, June 27, 2015

Batman '66 Vol. 3 Graphic Novel review

Batman '66 Volume three continues the series in style, staying timely while looking retro. "The Joker's Big Show" introduces Dr. Holly Quinn to the series. Dr. Quinn is a rehabilitation counselor @ Arkham Asylum, the place where all of Batman's enemies end up sooner or later. Dr. Quinn has secretly stepped over the line after she agrees to help Catwoman and the Joker perfect a cerebral cyco-ray machine. The ray converts the Joker's insane brain waves into energy which powers the ray. The villains use the mad machine to drive Gotham city batty. All is lost until Holly Quinn sacrifices her own sanity to save Gotham city from the mad ray. "The Batrobot Takes Flight" reflects the current Batman robot storyline as a super Batbot takes over defending Gotham city in Batman and Robin's absence. Never fear citizens, Batman and Robin make the scene as the Joker and the Riddler solve the robot mystery. Vincent Price's Egghead succeeds in turning Batman and Robin into the Ape crusaders in a very hairy story which closes out the book.

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