Thursday, February 26, 2015

Ghosted: Vol. 1 Haunted Heist Graphic Novel review

Ghosted: Vol. 1 Haunted Heist Graphic Novel review

The splash page for Ghosted #1 immediately catches the reader’s attention through the sheer brutality of the scene. The main character of Ghosted, Jackson Winters, appears to be on the path to becoming just another prison statistic when he is broken out of prison by a very attractive blonde woman who starts a prison riot. Markus Schrecken, a rich collector of paranormal antiquities, deems Jackson’s skill as a criminal mastermind to be useful for his desire to acquire a ghost from a haunted mansion—an element that adds purpose and a new direction to the story. As the assembled ghost-hunting team explores the creepy mansion, the demonic entities within reveal themselves with deadly consequences. After Jackson learns the truth about the mansion, he uses this truth to save his life. He bribes the psychic medium on the team, setting into motion a plan only he could concoct and carry out to fruition. In the end, the moral of this ghost story is the basic rule of karma—what goes around may just come back around to haunt death. Fans of the films Ocean’s Eleven, Ghostbusters and The Shining will be sure to enjoy Ghosted.

Special Thanks to Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice newspaper.

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