Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Madman Atomic Comics, Vol. 2 review

SEE! Madman fight off a ghost with an extension cord!
READ! An entire comic filled with double paged panels featuring giant evil snakes with huge lips!
MARVEL! at the amazing origin of It Girl and Madgirl!
READ! An amazing introduction by the creator of The Goon, Eric Powell! 

Are you tired of the same old run of the mill superhero stories? Madman presents a exciting alternative to the big 2. Every panel is full of psychedelic, sci-fi surprises. The intro by my fave new artist, Eric Powell is worth the price of this graphic novel alone. It's absolutely brilliant and full of fabulous, interesting insights, making this aptly named, paranormal paradise volume a must have. 
I need to thank Michael Allred and Laura Allred for renewing my interest in the amazing art form that is the comic book. Thank You!


Madman And The Atomics was drawn by Mike Allred, who resembles Madman, and colored by Laura Allred (who just happens to look alot like It Girl). This series includes all the classic elements that made Marvel comics so great back in the 60's. The art is superb, the coloring makes the art really pop and the storylines serve up plenty of action and suspense. The Image graphic novel reprints all the original AAA Pop comics in one volume.  

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