Thursday, June 11, 2015

Spread: Vol. 1 No Hope Graphic Novel review

Spread rhymes with red and dead and those words are a big part of what makes Spread so grossly enthralling. Plenty of bloody, red gore and violent, horrific killing. It's not all slice and dice, all of the bleeding is supported by a great, post apocalyptic, narrative. The title of Volume One is interesting because it uses the names of the two characters names that are on the cover, No and Hope. No, who looks like Wolverine, is a loner who is immune to the Spread virus. No becomes Hopes caretaker after he rescues the baby from a band of wayward thugs. There is a big problem though, No has no way of feeding Hope and this is where Crazy Molly comes in. After No rescues the enslaved Crazy Molly, she feeds Hope with her breast milk. There is a great scene in the book in which the reader finds out just how important Hope and Crazy Molly are to the storyline. Five minions of the Spread are eradicated with Hope's super vomit. Hope's bodily fluids destroy the Spread and the baby becomes a savior to the living and a target for the Spread. The art of Kyle Strahm draws the reader in with it's mind blowing, gruesome horror. Every page displays murder in a new way and at least 1 droplet of blood, you want to look away but you can't. The Spread is a huge creature that comes in many shapes and sizes. It stalks humanity seeking new victims to infect in it's quest to take over the planet. Once infected a human being becomes a shape shifting, servant of the vile organism. Fan's of 80's slasher flicks will love Spread.

Special thanks goes out to Queen City Bookstore and Artvoice newspaper.

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