Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hawkeye Rio Bravo Graphic Novel Review

Clint Barton, the hero known as Hawkeye, was originally introduced way back in 1964 as a reluctant villain in a battle with Iron Man. Since then, Hawkeye has been a team player in six different versions of the Avengers; signed on as an agent of SHIELD, Marvel’s top intelligence agency; and led a team of heroes called the Thunderbolts. Until recently, Hawkeye was always a secondary character to Marvel’s big guns; indeed, he even shed his Hawkeye persona in the late 1960s, succeeding Hank Pym as Goliath. The recent popularity of the Avengers-related films and the comic book team of Matt Fraction and David Aja have sparked new interest in the character, making Hawkeye more popular than ever. Aja’s gritty art and coloring by Matt Hollingsworth reflect the bleakness of the inner city, creating a perfect background for the story. Hawkeye: Rio Bravo focuses on Hawkeye’s origin and his personal life away from the Avengers. The narrative follows Clint Barton as he takes on a highly relatable “every-man” role as a superintendent of low-income tenement building. The issue also highlights Clint’s reunion with his brother, Barney, as they team up to protect the tenants from a Polish assassin named Kazu and his gang of Russian mobsters, who plan to vacate the building by any means necessary. Hawkeye is deafened and Barney—also known as Trick Shot—winds up in a wheelchair as a result of Kazu’s initial attack. However, their heroic resolve isn’t lessened by such setbacks; the brothers are brought closer together as they sign and work through Clint’s hearing loss. The final issue delivers plenty of action and unexpected surprises. Hawkeye: Rio Bravo is full of humor, action and heartfelt emotion, making the series a must-read for any serious Marvel fan.

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