Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DC Checkerboard Issues

DC Checkerboard's were released in 1966/67 and remind me of my childhood since I used to read my cousin's comics way back when I was a lil' tyke.

I own all these DC checkerboard issues and I am on a never ending quest to obtain all of them.

Some were scanned still in their protecto bags.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Star Trek, IDW Publishing, DC Comics, Legion Of Super-Heroes, Gold Key, Star Trek The Next Generation

Here's a retro '72 Gold Key issue.

'79 Star Trek movie poster (from the back of a Spider Woman comic book).

Above, Marvel's version of Star Trek.
Below is a very interesting sounding comic preview for IDW's version of Star Trek and DC's Legion Of Super-Heroes...
oh great...yet another comic to scour back issue bins for... 

25th Anniversary of Star Trek DC issue.


Amazing and F.F. issues from 1968 that I picked up from Queen City Bookstore recently.

Spider Man's Tangled Web is a color graphic novel which was originally released in 2001 and it contains reprints of that title, #'s 1-6.

Here's the front and back cover of a sweet 1986 compilation of Spider-Man newspaper reprints with a special color middle section.