Friday, June 27, 2014

Superman, Action Comics, Superman DC National Comics

Above is one of the latest Wendy's Kid's Meal prizes. A #1 Superman and Wonder Woman comic book. This comic comes sealed when the kid's meal is served. This free comic is sure to become a collector's item down the road. I'll be going to Wendy's soon to get me a new sealed copy to keep for my collection.

The one that started the Superman/Superhero craze way back in '38. One of the most valuable comic books of all time.

Classic '63 Action Comics cover. Thank You Dan!

5/66 reader issue from Queen City Bookstore.

Supergirl vs. Superman. 2/67 Reader issue from Queen City Bookstore.

Below is a '79 Action Comics issue from Dan the Man's private collection. Thanks Dan!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Comics from my local library - The Superior Spider-Man

In order to cheat death Otto Octavius (Dr. Octopus) has taken over Peter Parker's (Spider-Man) body. Doc Ock vows to take on Pete's mission to fight crime as the Superior Spider-Man (S.S.M.). The Sinister Six resurfaces and SSM almost kills Boomerang but Peter's consciousness takes over and prevents Doc Ock from killing the villian. Pete vows to take over his body any way he can.
Picked up these issues from my local library.

Peter Parker's influence over Doc Ock's brain dies when Doc Ock and Peter battle it out in Doc Ock's mind. Doc Ock wipes away any trace of Peter left in his mind...great cover!

My local library also has MAD magazine available to check out, cool!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wonder Woman - DC Comics

Front and back cover of WONDER WOMAN The Complete History by Les Daniels.

Wonder Woman: Contagion is from 2010 and features an awesome fight beween W.W. and the super hot Power Girl...Wonder Woman wins of course.

Above, Wonder Woman, Down To Earth front & back cover, contains Wonder Woman comics 195-200 from 2003.

The lovely and talented Wonder Woman Special Anniversary Issue (#300).
Looks like the J.L.A. showed up to celebrate.