Thursday, October 29, 2015

Chrononauts Graphic Novel Review

Chrononauts is about two scientific geniuses who love to have fun. Their latest project involves time travel. The team becomes instant celebrities as they are slated to embark on the first televised mission through space and time. Corbin Quinn and Danny Reilly act like rock stars and are treated as such by the adoring public. They love breaking new ground and the attention that comes with it. The characters act out the human desire to do great things and be remembered for it. Will they use their knowledge to benefit mankind? Or, will they take advantage of the opportunity to benefit their own lives? All is not well as the planned routine goes off course. Corbin gets lost in the time-space continuum and Danny insists on bringing him back safely. Initially, Corbin decides to leave his unhappy life behind and take full advantage of all the opportunities that time traveling offers. The duo wreaks havoc with the time stream as they jump from Ancient Rome to the 1980s music scene at their leisure. In the end, the duo decides to undo all the historical changes they have made and fix everything that’s wrong with their lives. If you are a fan of Sean Murphy’s artwork on Punk Rock Jesus or The Wake, you will love this book. His work is seamless as it bounces from periods of the past to people watching historical sequences on live TV. Many of the highly detailed panels are dialogue-free, leaving the art to tell the story. Fans of classic science-fiction time-travel stories, the Back to the Future and Indiana Jones franchises, or the film Armageddon will love this book.

Special thanks goes out to Artvoice newspaper and Queen City Bookstore.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Buffalo Comicon 2015

Jim Steranko was a true gentleman and shared some comic history with a friend and I. As I told him, we could've listened to him talk all day but the line to meet him was very long.

Thank you, Jim Steranko!

Joe Tell with Bill Kennedy star of Frankenstein's Patchwork Monster.

...with Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz.

...with Ted DiBiase, WWE's Million Dollar Man.

Here are the business cards of a few of the vendors who were at the show.