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1st Issue Collector's Item!


1st Issue Collector's Item!

Tales To Astonish - Marvel Comics Group

Above is the Tales To Astonish hardcover book that recounts Jack Kirby's life entire comic career from start to finish. Front to back it's a great read.
The Tales To Astonish series was revised in '80, here's #12 Starring Sub-Mariner with a Bonus Solo Tale of the Vision. From Dan the Man's personal collection. Thanks Dan!

Here's a classic Tales To Astonish.

Superman, Super-Perry White, Action Comics, Superman DC National Comics

Below are 2 absolute Superman classics, an Action Comics and a Superman issue, both are from '63.
Both covers feature Daily Planet Editor-In-Chief Perry White.
Check out the classic Superman logo on the 2nd cover in the upper left hand corner.
These comics are in great shape! Collector issues for sure...I want to thank Dan for loaning both of them to me for my comix blog.
Thanks Dan!

"The Amazing Confession Of Super-Perry White!"

"The Super-Revenge of the Phantom Zone Prisoner!"
Great Caesar's Ghost!...

Superman #300 from 6/76 features a look ahead to 2001.
Great Cover! picked this up @ Queen City Comics.

Green Lantern - DC Comics

In 1970 Denny O' Neil and Neal Adams took over the writing and penciling duties for Green Lantern. In these new socially relevant stories Green Lantern tackled some real world issues. Along with Green Arrow and Black Canary these new stories focused on issues such as racism and heroin addiction. Although thier run with the character was relatively short these stories recieved high praise and much critical acclaim. These stories are featured in Showcase: Green Lantern Vol. 5.. Starting with #76 this series of stories are the ones I remember as not only being some of the best drawn, but also as the best Green Lantern comics I've ever read. Green Lantern, Green Arrow and the Black Canary are a great team and they earn street credibility whether they want to or not in these comic stories. These stories are also recognized as being one of the most celebrated runs ever in the history of comic books. Go Green or Go Home.

The World's Greatest Super Heroes teamed up once again as The Justice League Of America in 1960. Being one of the most popular super-heroes of all time Green Lantern was included. Showcase Presents: Justice League Of America Vol. 1 reprints the 1st 19 appearances of this new super-team. This team was also animated for the small screen, first as the Super Friends in the 70's/80's and more recently as the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited featuring John Stewart as Green Lantern. John Stewart was chosen as a substitute for Hal Jordan after the original substitute Guy Gardner was hurt in an accident in Green Lantern #87.

After an 8 year hiatus Green Lantern was revived in 1959 sporting a new look, a new secret identity (Hal Jordan) and a new focus on science fiction based stories. Green Lantern Chronicles Vol. 1 reprints the 1st 6 reappearance stories.

The original Green Lantern also appeared as a member of the 1st super team up of super heroes, The Justice Society Of America, in the Winter of 1940.

The 1st Green Lantern (Alan Scott) looked alot different than the current Green Lantern when he first appeared in 1940.