Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sex: The Summer Of Hard Graphic Novel Review

Did you ever wonder how Bruce Wayne would spend his free time if he gave up being the Caped Crusader? The narrative contained within the pages of Sex explores the extraordinary life of an ex-super hero called the Armored Saint. Now that billionaire playboy, Simon Cooke has decided to give up his alter-ego we find out that Simon is not mentally prepared for his new way of life. He has trouble dealing with women, co-workers and friends. His biggest problem is dealing with the pressures of being the CEO of his own company. The physical activity Simon is privy to is shown in explicit detail and is mature in subject matter. Just like Batman has Catwoman to contend with, the Armored Saint had a cat-like female foe called the Shadow Lynx. The tumultuous relationship between the two former foes heats up after they run into each other at a high-society sex club. The story also follows the heroes former villains as they run rampant in Saturn City. The evil Old Man takes a hostage and after torturing him throws his body into a river. The Prank Addict has problems adjusting to life without his prime protagonist and is living in the past. The Alpha brothers try to capitalize on the absence of their adversary but they run into a small problem. The Armored Saints’ former sidekick has decided to stay in the crime fighting game. The martial arts expert hacks into the Alpha Brothers database and is messing with their cash flow from the inside. Sex is an interesting psychological drama that exposes an often overlooked part of the superhero genre.

Special thanks to Artvoice Newspaper and Queen City Bookstore.