Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Alan Scott, Green Lantern, DC Comics

Update: June 7th. After doing some research I've learned that the original Green Lantern, Alan Scott from Earth-2 is going to be the new, revamped, gay GL. Alan Scott is the original, golden age G.L. from the 40's.

I recently read on Yahoo news that DC is going to turn good old G.L. into a gay character...?
What about the movie DC just did about GL in which Hal Jordan has a female love interest?...
How will this effect overall DC continuity for the GL character..?
Either way, GL is a great character and the hardcore, old school comic fans, like me, will always know that the original GL was straight. This does not any affect my decision to continue to read GL comics in any way.
I'm just guessing but I'm assuming a new GL will be chosen and he will be gay?..
I think Marvels recent gay marriage storyline had some effect on this major GL decision.
I read that some conservative groups are angry about this decision, get a life people, it's just a comic book!