Sunday, August 24, 2014

Creepy Archives

Great hardcover, glossy paper format for Creepy reprints 1 thru 5.
Took this book out from my local library to reread for a second time.
Creepy was a great horror series that took over where EC horror comics left off...
Lots of werewolves, vampires and tales of gloom and doom.
Reprints compiled by Dark Horse Archives.

Creepy #1

Monday, August 11, 2014

Batman - DC Comics

Here's a recent Wanted poster for The Batman that appeared on Yahoo which undoubtedly is in preparation for the Dark Knight movie. 

Classic Batman preview ad from 7/66.

Batman Forever CD Soundtrack cover.

Gotta love the checkerboard issues, I own all of the above issues.

Here's a couple of great Batman books. The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told is a full color graphic novel.
Tales Of The Dark Knight is a great Batman book that has some great info on Batman's first 50 years.

Recent Batman '09 issue.

Thank You Emil and Queen City Bookstore!

Here's a sexy Dark Moon Rising Batman and the Monster Men cover by Matt Wagner. Thank You, Dave.

Batman #500: Collectors Edition wide cut double cut foil cover by Joe Quesada & 2 bound in post cards, Knightfall Pt. 19, Azrael in new Bat-costume.

Batman battles The Iron Sheikh in this 70's issue.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Tales Of Suspense, Captain America, To Serve and Protect, The Bloodstone Hunt, Two Americas, The Chosen, The Korvac Saga

I can picture John Cena as Captain America and I think The Rock would be a super great Falcon. The Rock would have to wear the Falcon's 1st costume though. The green costume...

...or the red costume.

I found this Cap drawing in an old tattoo mag, I thought it was cool enough to share.

Tales Of Suspense #1 from January of '59.

Front and back cover of Captain America Marvel Masterworks Edition. 
Collecting Tales Of Suspense #'s 59-81.

Tales Of Suspense #62 which I picked up the Comic Book Cafe recently. Here's a pic of the inside of the Comic Book Cafe, for more info goto ... tell 'em Joe Tell sent ya!

Marvel reprinted Tales Of Suspense in the 70's in Marvel Double Feature. Here's Tales Of Suspense 82/Marvel Double Feature #6.

Tales Of Suspense features the Silver Age return of Captain America. Captain America was originally featured onscreen in '43. Here's a still frame picture from the '43 Captain America Republic serials. I wanted to include this classic black and white shot from '43.

Tales Of Suspense #59 cover and the first splash page from #59.

Tales Of Suspense #69 featured a spectacular battle between Iron Man and Titanium Man.

Captain America Marvel Masterworks is a full color glossy collection of the Captain America stories from the Tales Of Suspense comic books #'s 59-81, a series in which Cap shared with Iron Man. This is classic Marvel stuff from 1964-1966. Jack Kirby and Chic Stone are my favorite artist/inker team of all time.

Captain America "Two Americas" Eisner award winning graphic novel.

Above is a Captain America self-titled graphic novel from 2012. The art and story are outstanding. You can find graphic novels at any major bookstore and quality comic book shops. I've recently found out that my local library offers graphic novels and of course you can find and purchase graphic novels online through links from this blog and sites like and Marvel Comics online.

Below Captain America Reborn graphic novel cover from 2010.

The Marvel Comics Group Proudly Presents:
The Special 40th Anniversary Issue
Captain America Comics
Created by Joe Simon And Jack Kirby
3/'81 issue with Art by John Byrne

From Dan the Man's private collection. Thank You Dan!

Special Triple-Sized 50th Anniversary Issue! 1941-1991

To Serve and Protect, picked this full color, glossy graphic novel up at a library sale for practically nothing, great reading on the cheap, can't beat that!