Monday, November 11, 2013

Thor - The Dark World

I decided to do a Mighty Thor movie/comic piece in honor of Jack Kirby and to get the word out about the new movie...In Theaters Now!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midwest Media Expo

Graphic Novels from my local library #1

Body World is a non-hero graphic novel which turned out to be an interesting read.

Superman: Nightwing and Flamebird is part of the New Krypton series. The Nightwing costume interested me because it looks like the Batman costume. The New Krypton series explores a world without Superman.

Inside Mad goes deep into the Mad mythos by highlighting some fave issues that celebrities have read. This full color, glossy page, hardcover book also features commentary by some of the key creators of Mad magazine.

This Avengers/Spider Man related graphic novel from 2011 kills off Spider-Man, which seems to be the "in" thing that Marvel has been doing the past few years. Marvel seems to be going for the kind of impact that killing off Superman did for DC in the past, interest doesn't seem to be as high as Superman's death created. My question is when will Peter Parker be resurrected?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Superman and Batman

Superman and Batman, 2 of the Greatest Heroes of All Time

The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight

Stranger from space, Superman, began as an idea in the 1930's. Mort Weisinger, Forrest J. Ackerman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were all creators of the fan mag called "Science Fiction". From these humble beginnings Seigel and Shuster created, developed and evolved the massive popular character called Superman.
Once Seigel and Shuster had developed the idea into a full fledged super powered character they pitched the idea of Superman to many newspapers with no luck. In 1938 they pitched Superman to Detective Comics Publications, D.C. Comics for short. DC Comics is officially called National Periodical Publications.
J.S. Liebowitz, the publisher of DC Comics bit on the idea and featured Superman in Action Comics.

Action Comics sales picked up immediately, the first appearance of Superman caught the public eye and Superman boosted the sales of Actiom Comics by leaps and bounds. So much so that the powers that DC decided to feature Superman in his own comic book. Now Superman made appearances in 2 different, widely popular comic books. The first appearance of Superman in Action Comics and in his own title are highly sought after in the comic collecting world, 2 of the most prized collector's items comics of all time, values on these 2 comic books increase every year.

Having conquered the monthly comic book realm, Superman's first wish was granted to him and his creators found him soaring to new adventures daily and weekly in newspapers all around the world thanks to the McClure Syndicate of newpaper publishers.

Next, Superman set out to capture and conquer the Silver Screen and the public radio waves, the first Hollywood Superman serial film superstar was Kirk Alyn. The first on-air voice of Superman was provided by Bud Collyer.
Before an actor donned the big red S for Hollywood, Superman was animated in full-color by Paramount Pictures, these early 1940's cartoons are credited for being of the highest quality and way ahead of their time, they are still viewed today as very unique and groundbreaking.

In 1948, Columbia Pictures filmed Kirk Alyn as Superman in a 15 episode serious of films called serials. Serials were played before feature films, Superman appeared with other serial stars, such as the 3 Stooges, before the feature film in movie houses all across world. In 10 short years Superman evolved from an idea on paper to a widely popular, well known worldwide superstar...and he wasn't even a real person!

After the 1950 appearance of Alyn as Superman in "Atom Man vs. Superman" a change in casting had George Reeves taking over the title role in 1951. George Reeves went onto star in over 100 TV episodes in 1 of the most popular TV shows of all time.

Superman continues to be one of the most recognized science fiction characters of all time. Several feature films starring Christopher Reeve have been released since his first appearance in 1938. Superman continues to star on TV as Superboy and Superman in several massively popular weekly TV shows. In the DC comic books Superman was killed off in 1989 only to be ressurected back to life, the character seems to have a life of it's own and is seemingly immortal, as long as there is a kid with enough pocket change to buy a comic book there will always be a Superman.

Batman made his appearnace in 1939 in Detective Comics without Robin by his side. Batman was created by Bob Kane. Batman proved to be as popular as Superman, so much so that by 1942, Batman was appearing in his own comic, along with Detective Comics and World's Finest Comics in which he teamed with Superman to battle the evils of crime. Robin was brought in to lighten up the dark hero and also as a hero that kids could directly relate to.

Both Batman and Robin witnessed their parents murders by hienous criminals, in their young civilian lives as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, the end result was the creation of a pair of Comic Books heroes that dedicated their lives to bettering themselves and stamping out and eliminating crime in all of it's forms.

Seeking to capitalize on Batman and Robin's massive popularity DC created a Batman family, which included Batwoman, Bat-Girl, Bat-Mite and Ace, the Bat-Hound.

In 1943 Columbia Pictures made the first Batman serials, the role of Batman was played by Lewis Wilson and Douglas Croft played Robin. Batman's first on screen villian Dr. Daka was played by J. Carrol Naish.
Dr. Daka met a grisly death onscreen ending up in an alligator pit.

In 1949 Batman and Robin again graced the Silver Screen in The New Adventures Of Batman and Robin. Robert Lowery played Batman and Robin was played by Johnny Duncan.

Since then both Superman and Batman continue to remain in the public eye in print and onscreen, both characters remain widely popular and their onscreen and print legacies have continued long after their creators have long since passed.

Batman and Robin swingin' CD!

CD Cover art.

Neal Adams artwork on the CD insert.

This Album/CD was originally released in 1966 on Tifton Records when Batman was extremely popular due to the campy TV show starring Adam West. This album was originally released as a novelty item to try and cash in on Batman and Robin's popularity. In actuality the album is considered an absolute cult jem, the music can be considered avant-garde instrumental jazz. The music was the end result of a collaborative effort by Sun Ra's Arkestra and Danny Kalb's Blues Project. Guitar Dan is Danny Kalb and Guitar Dale is Steve Katz. The only recognizable track is the 1st track, all the rest are jazzy, funky, psychedelic jams with some cool guitar solos thrown in. Being a big Batman fan I couldn't resist picking this up awhile back.

Check out my music blog for some more music I dig

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man 1

Peter Parker has decided to use his guise of Spider-Man in order to get photos for a Daily Bugle assignment, covering Empire State University's chancellor Edward Lansky's public address on the financial situation of the school. Bored, Spidey is snapped into action when the Tarantula arrives and kidnaps Lansky. Despite his best efforts and a assist from Flash Thompson, Spider-Man fails to stop the Tarantula and his men. To make matters worse, he's chased of the property by a mob of students that believe he's responsible, and his camera gets broken.
When Peter later joins Glory in a job hunt, they are joined by Mary Jane, who Peter is still cross at for dating Flash Thompson. At city hall, Peter's spider-sense kicks in prompting him to make an excuse to leave and change into Spider-Man. Spidey manages to defeat the Tarantula's goons, and confront the Tarantula who is planning to demand a ransom to the city. Spider-Man is able to defeat the Tarantula, and prevent the mayor from falling to his death when they are all thrown out of a window. The Tarantula escapes, but the mayor is safe, and Spider-Man departs to rejoin Mary Jane and Glory as Peter Parker.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Green Lantern

Green Lantern comic books are available to take out @ my local, public library. 

Below is a classic silver age GL with a great cover by Gil Kane.

Sprocket Man

No this isn't a cheap remake of Rocket Man by Elton John, this comic was an interesting find at a local public library. It was free and was published by the Erie County Department Of Health. Sprocket Man talks all about bike safety and prevents a couple of bike thefts in the process. If you're interested in picking up a copy I found Sprocket Man at the Williamsville Public Library on Main Street.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Tales Of Suspense 62 - Marvel Comics

Latest acquisition for my comic collection. Picked this up at the Comic Book Cafe...for more info on the Comic Book Cafe goto

 "The Origin of the Mandarin!"
Continuing from last issue... Iron Man is the prisoner of his arch-foe the Mandarin, who has decided to tell his life story to his greatest foe before destroying him forever.
Explaining that his family directly descends from Genghis Khan, he was the child of a Chinese man and a Caucasian woman. His father dying shortly after his birth, he was left in the care of his father's sister, who was jealous of her brother's wealth. She decided to raise the boy to hate the world, and so the child that became the Mandarin became a bitter and angry person, especially when the Chinese army took away their home and riches. Wandering alone, the Mandarin decided to travel into the Valley of the Spirits, a sacred place all feared.

Finding the remains of a long dead dragon, the Mandarin stumbled upon an ancient space ship belonging to the Axonn-Karr, a dragon like race that came to Earth centuries ago. Using their technology to increase his knowledge, he took the power source of the ship and converted it into his ten power rings and used their power to establish his kingdom.

Finishing his story, the Mandarin then explains the device that Iron Man is strapped too will spin Iron Man to death, while he initiates his next plan: having built a rocket for the Chinese government, the Mandarin plans to initiate World War 3 and then take over the world in its aftermath. Telling all this, the Mandarin leaves Iron Man to perish.

Breaking loose of the Mandarin's trap, Iron Man then stops the rocket from hitting it's target by redirecting it back at the Chinese military, leaving them to believe that the Mandarin had betrayed them. Fleeing, the Mandarin is stopped by Iron Man and the two end up in a pitched battle until the Chinese military can track their location, forcing the Mandarin and Iron Man to flee their separate ways. Iron Man later catches a ride home aboard a US Air Force jet.

 "Break-Out in Cell Block 10!"
Putting on a demonstration of his acrobatic abilities for the warden of a prison, Captain America soon finds out that it's all a trap and that the warden and his staff have actually been locked up in cell block 10 and the inmates have taken their place. Stealing Captain America's shield and locking him up with the warden, Captain America breaks out of his cell and fights off the prisoners who are trying to use it to open the magnetically sealed front gate of the prison.
Defeating the break-outs leader, Cap takes back his shield and the warden and his guards take back control of the prison. Later Captain America explains that the crooks were probably trying to use his shield to open the door because it once had magnetic devices built into it they figured might be able to open the door, but that these devices he had recently removed them from his shield. Asking what the code word to open the door was, he's told "Captain America."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Secret Origin The Story Of DC Comics

Secret Origin is a great DC Comics documentary, any fan of comics, and especially DC comics, will love this movie. I picked this movie up last night and I've watched it twice already.
The movie traces the origins of the comic book as an art form and how the DC comics publishing company was created all the way up to the current comics and comic movies of today. The best artists' and writers are interviewed from every era of the art form. Included are radio, movie and cartoon clips from every "age" of the comic book. It's an interesting look at the vital, inner workings of DC comics as a publishing company. The movie also comments on how public opinion has swayed back and forth on the comic book throughout every decade.
I thought I knew alot about comic books but now I know alot more about the history and about the artists' and writers who made the art form so great. What better to learn about DC comics than to hear it from the people who actually created them?... Highly recommended.