Wednesday, April 2, 2014

KISS, A Marvel Comics Super Special! Printed in Real KISS Blood.

A Marvel Comics Super Special!

Here's a photo of KISS and Stan Lee from Buffalo, N.Y. when they donated blood to add to the ink that printed their very first comic book. Special Thanks to Emil from Queen City Bookstore for posting this classic photo on Facebook!

Here's a new IDW KISS comic The Professor won at a local Space Ace Halloween costume party performance. 

Here's the front and back cover of Vampirella Comic Mag #2 from '03 by Harris Comics. Life imitates art!

The first appearance of KISS in their very own comic book!

KISS, in 1977 Destroyer-era costumes appear in their very 1st comic book, Printed in real KISS blood!

Art imitates real life, The original KISS adds to their allure appearing as Super Heroes in a Marvel comic book.
I am a big fan of KISS' music and this comic book!

I had some B&W photos when KISS came to Buffalo and made an appearance @ Arcata Graphics where this comic was printed, in real KISS blood!, I wish I still had those photos, oh well, @ least I still have this great comic.

KISS Comics and Photos. Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Avengers, Fanatastic Four and Mephisto also appear in this issue.

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