Monday, August 11, 2014

Batman - DC Comics

Here's a recent Wanted poster for The Batman that appeared on Yahoo which undoubtedly is in preparation for the Dark Knight movie. 

Classic Batman preview ad from 7/66.

Batman Forever CD Soundtrack cover.

Gotta love the checkerboard issues, I own all of the above issues.

Here's a couple of great Batman books. The Greatest Batman Stories Ever Told is a full color graphic novel.
Tales Of The Dark Knight is a great Batman book that has some great info on Batman's first 50 years.

Recent Batman '09 issue.

Thank You Emil and Queen City Bookstore!

Here's a sexy Dark Moon Rising Batman and the Monster Men cover by Matt Wagner. Thank You, Dave.

Batman #500: Collectors Edition wide cut double cut foil cover by Joe Quesada & 2 bound in post cards, Knightfall Pt. 19, Azrael in new Bat-costume.

Batman battles The Iron Sheikh in this 70's issue.

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