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Captain America, Captain America and The Falcon, Captain America vs. The Red Skull, The Falcon

Captain America And The Falcon
This Way For Action!

On top is a late 70's issue I picked up from Wurlitzer Books for $1...Art and Cover by Jack Kirby.
2nd from top is a '83 solo Falcon series comic.

Captain America vs. The Red Skull graphic novel cover from 2011. This cover is taken directly from Tales Of Suspense #80 from 1966. Notice the swastika in the cosmic cube rays.

This spooky cover is from 1990, this issue features a story about The Red Skull who was the victim of a live burial at the hands of Magneto. The Red Skull is rescued by the villians Crossbones and Mother Night. Cap seeks out Skull House to safeguard all of the Skull's paraphernalia from a Skull imposter only to meet up with the recently rescued Red Skull himself. This issue also features Diamondback on the cover.

This is the back cover of the recently released Captain America vs. The Red Skull graphic novel.

This art originally appeared on the cover of Captain America #263 from 1981.

Guess Who?...This cover is from 1968 when Cap used to pal around with The Falcon, who happened to be the first black superhero to appear in mainstream comics.

None other than, The Red Skull!

It all started way back in 1941, Captain America "Sentinel Of Our Shores" has always been associated w/WWII. The Red Skull also first appeared in Cap #1 as an agent of death who worked as a sabotuer for Nazi Germany. The Red Skull's secret identity was George Maxon who dies at the end of this issue. Maxon was an agent for the real Red Skull, Johann Schmidt who in turn worked for Hitler.
This post is dedicated to my son Joey. I took Joey to see the Captain America movie the first day it came out.

Above is the front cover of a way cool Captain America poster book/comic from '04 that was unopened until Dan opened it for the first time and let me scan it for this comic book blog. I would scan some of the inside art but I would have to crease the pages damaging the mint condition of the comic. The cover is good enough for me. Thanks Dan!

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