Thursday, January 28, 2016

Future Imperfect: Warzones Graphic Novel Review

Future Imperfect: Warzones!

By Peter David (Author)
Greg Land (Illustrator)
Marvel Comics (Publisher)

Review By Joe Tell

Welcome to the future, where the Incredible Hulk seeks to rule a patchwork planet that is called Battleworld. The Incredible Hulk, having evolved over time into the tyrannical Maestro, rules over a domain called Dystopia with a gamma ray-infused iron fist. Seeking to squash any threat to his authority, the brilliant and cunning Maestro infiltrates the secret hideaway of the rebels who, led by Ruby Summers, wish to end his emerald reign of terror. The Maestro’s first appearance in this Secret Wars tie-in is brilliantly executed by artist Greg Land in a fantastic two-page spread. This is where all of the action begins as a great battle between the incredibly strong Maestro and Ruby Summers ensues. Sure to please any rabid Marvel fans, the Thing appears and joins the fray in an attempt to defeat the maniacal Maestro. The conflict concludes in a meeting of the minds between the Thing and the Maestro, with the two deciding to team up against a common enemy, the diabolical Doctor Doom. With the help of the rebels the Maestro plans to use the legendary Asgardian suit of armor called the Destroyer against the mighty Doctor Doom. A challenging and treacherous journey over land and sea begins in an effort to find where the enchanted armor is kept. The journey leads the motley crew to the domain of Norseheim, where a violent battle erupts between Ulik, the ruler of Norseheim, and the Maestro. After gaining access to the Destroyer armor, a battle for the ages begins between Doctor Doom and the Maestro. Future Imperfect is a must-have for any true Marvel comics fan.

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