Monday, June 8, 2015

Airboy #1 - Image Comics review

The cover of latest version of Airboy comics, published by Image Comics, from 6/15.
For those of you are unfamiliar with the character of Airboy here's a little history, Airboy was a young, expert pilot who helped the Allies fight the Axis during WWII. The first series ended after a ten year run in '53 and the character was resurrected by Eclipse Comics back in the 80's. 2 more versions of the book have been published since 2000.

The first issue of the latest version is unlike any comic I have ever seen and in no way, shape or form resembles the original version of Airboy. The story focuses on the actual writer, James Robinson and comic artist, Greg Hinkle as they try to revamp the classic character for Image Comics. Seeking inspiration the creative duo rent a hotel room to exchange ideas and come up short. So they decide to "Go Get A Drink" and end up on a alcohol fueled, drug induced bender that I will not describe, it has to be seen in the comic to be believed. (This comic should be rated XXX and is definitely not for the kiddies.) The idea men @ Image really got their creative juices flowin' on this comic even though the characters in the comic cannot, it's an interesting juxtaposition. Airboy makes a surprise appearance on the very last page as the hung over pair are trying to figure out exactly what happened the night before. I'm curious to see how this unique premise will play out in the issues to come. With Airboy #1, Image Comics has proven that they are on the cutting edge in the comics industry.

Airboy made his first appearance in 11/43 in a 10 cent comic called Air Fighters Comics.

The comic was renamed Airboy Comics in 12/45.

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